Our Story

Hiya, This is Sabah. You can call me Sally. After seeing the Covid-19 pandemic initially on the news and then in real life, I thought to myself how can I make a positive difference in these gloomy times? I always thought that there is more to this thing than WHO guidelines, which unfortunately, were not in the favour of wearing a mask in the beginning. But then the world saw how China, South Korea, and Japan almost eradicated this menace from their lands. I noticed that one key thing they share is that their people are very fond of wearing masks. You may remember that even before pandemic days, many East Asian tourists would wear masks in public places.
I thought of looking on internet as to how can I get standard clinical masks just for me and my family. It was the second or third week of April and it quickly became clear to me that masks are in real short supply everywhere and have become a hot commodity overnight. Frustrated I took to YouTube and other places to guide me on making fabric face masks myself. I was able to help myself and my family with my own handmade masks, but then I thought, why not go out and help the wider community! ComfyMasky was born at that moment.
Since then we have seen tremendous success and feedback to our cotton face masks. My sewing machine was not top of the line and I had my moments of frustration sewing one mask after another. My husband was very supportive throughout and got me a brand new Singer 4423 and oh man! this has really awakened my long asleep passion for quilting and sewing. I live in a three-bedroom house and I have made the small storeroom connected to our lounge as my sewing room. Normally that room would be used just for some storage purpose, but not anymore! And now you can find me day in and day out in that tiny space focused on my passion!
My husband has been helping me on the digital marketing and website side and together we have made a small little team focused on making a difference. With your support we aim to grow and bring new products to our store, so stay tuned.
In the website footer you can drop your email address and sign up for any updates. We will send you exclusive discount vouchers and product updates. Your details would not be shared with any third party and would be kept in line with GDPR guidelines.
I hope you enjoyed my anecdote and will buy a comfy mask from me. Stay blessed and stay safe. You can find us on social media @comfymasky, so do follow us to be the first one to know about new product updates.